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NameBenjamin Uttal-Veroff.


IAP Time2016 ~

Current WorkplaceFURUKAWA PLANT

Exploring a new culture while testing myself.

Hello, my name is Benjamin Uttal-Veroff. I entered ALPS Electric as a mechanical engineer, working in ALPS North America for four months before my current position as an IAP member in ALPS Japan. During my undergraduate, I also studied abroad in Japan for one year and got to know the culture. A desire to experience this country as a working member of society drove me to return to Japan and join ALPS Electric. So far, I have been fully satisfied by my experience.

An Invaluable Chance to Broaden My Horizons While Developing My Career

Even though I am a new member, I have already been challenged with the responsibility of designing sensors which monitor aspects of vehicles to improve safety and efficiency. The majority of communication is in Japanese which, while strenuous at times, has given me valuable insight into work culture in Japan. Getting used to work has taken time and all the while my mentor has been extremely patient and made it an enjoyable and comfortable experience for me. Overall, my time at ALPS Electric in the United States and in Japan have not been all that different, with one exception being that it is common for us to work overtime in Japan, but that has also been a rewarding part of learning a new culture.

Besides work I have also been able to practice ALPS' motto: “Work hard. Study hard. Play hard.” In the winter, I learned how to ski and have enjoyed some of the most beautiful scenery in the world with the many new friends I have made from all over the globe. While Miyagi prefecture lacks the hustle and bustle of big cities like Tokyo, it more than makes up for it with smaller towns where the people are friendly and there are lesser known sightseeing locations to explore. Most foreigners visiting Japan will not get the chance to experience this.

Scenery from Onikoube ski resort in Miyagi Prefecture.

Scenery from Onikoube ski resort in Miyagi Prefecture.

I Have Made New Friends from All Over the Globe.

For myself, the International Associates Program has been an invaluable chance to broaden my horizons while developing my career. Cultural differences and language may prove challenging at first, but it is the same thing that makes every day worthwhile and exciting.
For everyone looking to explore a new culture while testing themselves, I whole heartedly recommend this opportunity with ALPS Japan.

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