Message from our IAP members

NameDavid Gencansky


IAP Time2011 ~ 2013**+years

Current WorkplaceWAKUYA PLANT

Every Day I am Gaining Work Experience and Learning Something New

Hi, my name is David Gencansky. I've been working for ALPS Electric since graduating from university. Currently I'm working in the Automotive Production Division where I prepare new projects for overseas affiliates. When I was about to finish university and looking for a job, I decided to try a foreign country. I had been interested in Japan as a country due to its developed technology, culture, and martial arts so when I got the opportunity of working in Japan, the choice had been made.

Working and living in Japan is exciting. Every day I gained work experience by learning something new and every day brought new challenges in language, working style or culture. The language is maybe the biggest challenge; however, you will get used to it step by step. Understanding Japanese will open new ways of thinking, and everything will become clearer.

I've Never Regretted to Take the Opportunity of Working in Japan

I learned a lot of new things from my work here, especially about Mechanical Engineering, Robotics and Manufacturing Engineering. Perhaps the best part of my job is making new machines, from mechanical design of equipment to assembling, testing and verification until sending the products to our customers. One of my favorites is to set up and debug equipment, because then you can see how the machine is developed piece by piece until the final phase.

Me, alongside my mentor.

Me, alongside my mentor.

They Believe in You and Your Potential

At the end, I should give you some kind of good advice. However, you probably heard most of them, so I'll leave you with “Don't Just Work Hard—Work Smart and Hard.” I've never regretted to take the opportunity of working in Japan and I hope you will feel the same. Every experience brings you forward and shows where your strength is and where you can learn something new. Nobody knows everything from the beginning. Japanese people understand that and give you enough time to learn. They believe in you and your potential. Just don't be afraid to ask for advice.

So, are you looking for new challenges and want to be successful? Then don't hesitate to seize this opportunity and apply for the International Associates Program of ALPS Electric!

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