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Immerse Yourself in Japanese Culture and Build Upon Your Career Skills

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What is the IAP?

The International Associates Program (IAP) is a career entry training program ALPS ALPINE offers to overseas graduates who are interested in starting a career in Japan. It is a two-year program where individuals who are eager to gain experience while exploring the culture and language of Japan can smoothly transition into their career life. Naturally, as ALPS ALPINE is a components supplier while also dealing in automotive infotainment, the program primarily focuses on candidates from engineering fields. However, should you not have the credentials to train as an engineer, you could be applicable for more office-oriented positions such as Human Resources, Finance, or Public Relations. Based on your resume, your expository report and field of study, we carefully decide every candidate's training regime and workplace.

What is my job as an IAP member?

Job contents will differ between individuals and are decided only after the interview process. The program is based on the concept of on-the-job training and focuses on overall skill development. By being involved in the department’s various functions and projects, you will gradually gain broad work experience and learn to work in a team environment. You will also be assigned a so-called senpai (mentor) from your chosen department who can respond to your individual training needs. These mentors are also specially selected as their communication skills are sufficient enough to converse in English, hence there is no need to be fluent in Japanese when you arrive.

Simply put, your job is to observe, learn, and support. When your skills improve, especially your Japanese language skills, you can expect an increase of duties to perform, new things to learn, and more cohesion between your co-workers and yourself.

Language Acquisition

The program includes intensive language courses for all levels of Japanese and at the end of the first year all participants take the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (minimum level: N4) or the Business Japanese Proficiency Test (for advanced level candidates). In fact, the very first month you arrive in Japan will be spent studying and learning Japanese at our main office in Tokyo--regardless of level. From there, all IAP members will move to their intended work location as previously stated, and receive language courses on a weekly basis.

If you unfortunately end up failing the test, don't worry about it--you won't get fired or anything of the sort. You may, however, miss out on a potential excuse to celebrate with all your newly found co-workers and friends.


It's the middle of the second year of your stay in Japan as an IAP member. You've made friends (possibly enemies as well), experienced the hot springs, wonderful foods, festivities, and have grown accustomed to Japan and hopefully have taken a liking to the company as well. You don't want to leave, but the contract is nearing its two-year end.

What are your options?

Many IAP participants have chosen to take their career further with ALPS ALPINE, and if you wish to continue your career with us after completing the program, a career interview will be held during the second year to discuss available opportunities in Japan or at one of our worldwide affiliates.

How to Apply:

Firstly, access the Application Portal. It can be found at the top and bottom of this page.
The Application Portal opens mid-April and closes mid-June, whereas the program itself begins sometime between October and November (there are sometimes late-comers).

This time frame is necessary due to the time needed to process Visas and evaluate candidates.
Should you miss the deadline, or choose to apply early, your application will be kept for next available program.

Once you have accessed the Application Portal, you will have to insert your contact information, followed by an expository report (ex. why are you interested in the IAP, our company, Japan, etc.,), upload a digital copy of your resume, and then click "Submit".

And then you're done!

We look forward to your application!

Application Portal Open Job List